About Us


Since 1977, the origins of our business commenced as a family owned and operated business. We know the importance of bringing families together through happiness and joy, and through our own personal memories. There is no better way to do this than sharing a fine food experience.


To be the first choice and preferred supplier of gourmet fine food and related products.


At Gourmet Gold Aust, each trusted member of our team is encouraged to take the initiative in serving our customers.

Our mission is to supply each customer with fine quality food products that will bring happiness and joy to any dining experience.


Excellence. We seek to have an uncompromising attitude to achieving excellence in every area

Integrity. We are committed to doing what we say in a timely manner.

Responsibility. We are responsible towards our Staff, Customers, Suppliers and the Environment.

Passion. We strive to have unequalled Passion towards our Product range and our Service.

Trust. We realize the value of openness, integrity, honesty and teamwork and work to have the highest level of trust towards our Staff, Customers, and Suppliers.

Environment. We are committed to conduct our business with the environment in mind.

Safety. Safety is an area where we will not compromise. We are responsible for ourselves and those we work with.

Customers. We place the interests of our customer first. They are our business.

Price. We operate in a price competitive industry, where we enhance our value with personalized business to business solutions to provide the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.


Unique products, handmade in small batches

Internal technical backup support on-call

Premium quality products, sourced globally.

Renowned excellence in the industry, strengthened by our commitment to our customers, suppliers and staff